Fairfax Financial ESOP Information

The purpose of the plan is to provide full time employees an opportunity to acquire Fairfax Stock through a combination of employee and company contributions. There is no waiting period. Under the plan, eligible employees may purchase up to 10% of their basic annual salary or wages paid during each pay period.

Under the plan the company is required to make a matching contribution on behalf of each participant equal to 30% of the participant’s monthly contribution, provided that the employee continues to be an employee of the company on the last day of the month for which the contribution is to be made. In addition, the Company may make an additional annual contribution on behalf of each participant equal to 20% of the aggregate amount of a participant’s yearly contribution in any calendar year in which Fairfax’s book value per share increased at least 15% on yearend to yearend comparison basis.

401K Retirement Information

There is no waiting period. Contributions are made on a pre-tax basis in whole percentages from 1% to 50% of your pay up to the legal maximum established by the IRS. Highly compensated employees may contribute 1% to 20% of pay. The Company matching contribution is equal to 50% of each dollar you contribute up to 6% of pay. In addition, the company will make a 3% basic contribution shortly after year-end to all eligible participants on the last day of the plan year.


Medical plans include Vision and Prescription Coverage.


Three levels of dental coverage are offered: PPO Premier, PPO Plus and PPO Basic.

Life Insurance

Life insurance options include an automatic term life and AD&D policy for every associate and the option to purchase additional life insurance coverage for you and your dependents.

Disability Coverage

Depending on your length of service, salary continuation for short-term disabilities is offered. Long-term disability coverage is also available and will continue up to 60% of your salary, in part, for longer term illnesses or injuries.

Health and Dependent Care Spending Accounts

The Health and Dependent Care Spending Accounts allow you to lower your taxable income by making pre-tax contributions to one or both spending accounts and then submitting eligible expenses for reimbursement.

Hyatt Legal Service

The company will offer employees the opportunity to participate in a legal service plan. Administered through Hyatt Legal Plans, the plan covers a wide range of legal services, including:

  • Debt collection defense
  • Civil law suit defense
  • Review of personal legal documents
  • Document preparation, including deeds, mortgages, notes, and demand letters
  • Legal work associated with buying, selling, or refinancing your home
  • Negotiations with your landlord and tenant eviction defense
  • Estate planning work (e.g., wills, living wills, Power of Attorney, living trusts)
  • Legal work associated with uncontested adoptions and uncontested guardianship arrangements
  • Telephone and office consultation on other personal legal issues

Services are available to you, your spouse and your dependents.  

PTO – Paid Time Off

MFX celebrates nine (9) holidays plus two (2) floating holidays.

PTO accrues 1.5 day per month for a total of 18 PTO days per calendar year. After five (5) years, the accrual changes to 2 days per month for a total of 24 PTO days per calendar year.

Additional Benefits

  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Employee Referral Bonus
  • Matching Gift Program
  • Service Award Program