Insurance application integration services

Carriers often have operating environments containing disparate operating systems, databases, computer languages, IT architectures, and legacy software, resulting in applications containing data that’s not shared. Integrated, the applications can:

  • Be modernized
  • Offer material operational efficiencies
  • Achieve reduced time to market for new products
  • Lead to a better understanding of your clients’ needs and your product portfolios
  • Minimize duplication, errors and fraud
  • Result in access to more complete information, for accurate business planning

MFX’s reputation is built on our commercial property and casualty insurance software integration expertise. We have deep knowledge of P&C specific issues and the technical aspects that surround them. With middleware technologies we can link your modules at the back end or the front end, protecting your existing technology investments and providing a single access interface to your group of applications.

Simplified and automated, your system is easier to use, — for you, your partners and your customers. And it provides the information you need to grow your business.

Our technical team will assess and design, connect and deploy, test and maintain your software integration for you. Contact us for details.