Mainframe Migration Services

Many organizations want to migrate from their mainframe and obtain the benefits of modern languages such as Java and C#, and modern technologies, such as the Web and SQL.

The need to migrate mainframe software is often motivated by a mixture of motives, including

  • The high cost of operating the mainframe
  • Shrinking pool of IT personnel that understand the mainframe system languages and structure
  • Need for faster application evolution in response to changing requirements by use of more modern software engineering methods
  • The need to integrate the application and its data more effectively with the balance of the organization

MFX – MIG provides translation technology and services to achieve mainframe migrations through its MFX – MIG for Mainframe framework. This framework allows MFX to amortize the engineering cost of building high quality translators over many applications, and achieve high percentage in conversion. This framework can handle multiple source and target languages, and scales to handle systems with millions of lines of code. It is configured to match the migration details unique to the customer, rather than trying to bend the customer’s situation to the abilities of a hardwired-translation tool.

Additional leverage is provided by MFX – MIG library of front and back ends for many of the languages required in mainframe migrations:

  • Legacy Languages: COBOL, JCL, Natural, PL/I, SQL
  • Target Languages: Java, JSP, C#, ASP, C++, HTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, PLSQL

Other 4GL languages or preprocessor-driven applications can be defined as a custom language to MFX framework.

Any large migration requires careful planning and support. MFX can

  • define an effective, economical porting plan which minimizes risk
  • find/remove redundant code before conversion to minimize total conversion costs
  • carry out automated assessments of a source code base for troublesome constructs
  • design reliable translations for each source construct or API call
  • Provide tools to help determine how well the converted application has been tested.

MFX-MIG for Mainframe service covers –

  • Languages to Migrate
  • Databases to Migrate
  • Infrastructure to Migrate