Portfolio rationalization services

MFX – APR is a portfolio analysis and optimization methodology to inventorize current applications and infrastructure artefacts, map to business processes , analyze overlaps, gaps, issues and challenges across application portfolio,strategize on environmental changes to realign and optimize technology to business operations. APR also facilitates a holistic impact analysis of strategic initiatives, identifying an optimal approach and roadmap for execution.

MFX – APR can help to:

  • Optimize applications
  • Optimize infrastructure footprint
  • Develop options & plans
  • Utilize budget efficiently

MFX – APR can be beneficial in:

  • Business sectors which are technology enabled like Banking, Financial Service, Insurance, Retail Merchandising, Airlines etc.
  • Business launching an analogous business line and desirous of leveraging existing technology assets
  • Business faced with a challenge on merging technology implementation post a M&A scenario
  • Businesses where technology implementation is ‘aged’
  • Operation Groups faced with a major regulatory change or internally driven process optimization exercise
  • Technology groups on the verge of initiating a strategic technology upgrade

MFX – APR typically covers collation of the elements shown below:

Business portfolio rationalization

MFX – APR Approach

  • Study the Current Portfolio
  • Defining the future state of the IT Ecosystem
  • Build a strong Knowledge foundation
  • Optimize maintenance cost of existing/legacy application
  • Analyse the portfolio against the future state defined and initiate rationalization

MFX has dedicated teams that specialize in application portfolio rationalization and possess adequate technical expertise and functional experience that would provide your business an edge in the application portfolio rationalization process. The vast experience of our team, helps your business to mitigate risks that arise during this process and we have adequate contingency plans in place to mitigate any unforeseen complexities that arise.