Technology help desk services

MFX’s support services are designed to exceed the needs, expectations, and requirements of our customers. We do this by maintaining our commitment to providing a timely resolution of customer issues, complaints, or problems. MFX technology help desk support team is part of a comprehensive customer support plan.

MFX – THD (MFX Technical Help Desk)
MFX-THD platform is designed to provide customers with the timely resolution of the issues that they require. Help desk staff are technically trained and dedicated to providing dependable service and timely problem resolution. They are also committed to communicating and collaborating with our customers across the globe spanning multiple time zones in a truly integrated global shared service model. Usage of MFX help desk tool set ensure data capture and usage for trend analysis with a view to excel in service delivery.

MFX-THD goals include-

  • Minimize customer downtime
  • Address issues rapidly
  • Accelerate company-wide adoption
  • Maximize solution benefits
  • Improve the overall user experience

MFX-THD benefits include-

  • Easy Access: Customers can easily and quickly access the support team when they have an problem that needs to be addressed
  • Fast Response Time: MFX service personnel are empowered to respond quickly to customer issues, get the right people working on the problem, and to communicate with the customer.
  • Quick Resolution: Many of the calls or emails to our support centre are resolved within an hour of the report of the issue. We are committed to resolving customer issues rapidly.
  • Timely Follow-up: Once an issue addressed or a problem resolved, our support personnel or account manager will contact our customer to notify the customer of the status and how it was resolved.
  • Ongoing Communication: After a problem has been taken care of, account managers follow up with the customer to check to make sure that the resolution has addressed the issue that the customer has reported.
  • Collaboration: MFX also frequently collaborates with its customers to help to determine its development path. MFX customers are important in determining the new functionality that we develop or area for enhancement.
  • Customer support: MFX team assists customers with questions on how to use the tools and provides clarification on documentation. MFX team is composed of personnel who have experience using the software and are experienced in addressing common customer issues and concerns.

MFX-THD Services include–

Technical Support (Level 1)

Technical Support is critical to developing and maintaining strong customer contact and higher customer loyalty. The dynamic business environment requires companies to transform their Technical Support operations into high-performance systems through performance optimization. MFX`s Technical Support solution is designed to enhance the customer experience at the very first interface. MFX facilitates unmatched Technical Support scalability to its industry-leading clients. MFX recognizes that clients might not always speak the common language of technology. In anticipation, the customer interaction team comprises highly educated English speaking employees trained for voice and accent alignment, each of them certified for technical competence and equipped with customer interaction and technology skills.

Some of the Technical Support activities include,

  • Call-logging
  • Information capture
  • Entitlement/Access Verification
  • Providing scripted solutions / Data Fixes
  • Call Escalation

MFX-THD Technical Support (Level 2)

It’s important to have a single-point resolution and response to accelerate services to the end-users. MFX’s Technical Support team assists the client in providing extended support to customers at the L2 level. MFX’s experienced engineers analyze each case, isolate the problem, troubleshoot and then design an appropriate solution.

Some of MFX’s Technical Support solutions include,

  • Problem Diagnosis
  • Problem Isolation
  • Providing advice on system usage
  • Application of broad product knowledge for troubleshooting
  • Escalation-Management
  • Updating database and creating new scripts