As a consequence of today’s constantly changing business landscape, information assurance and risk management practices are integral to the sustained operation and growth of any organization. The difficulty in striking the right balance between protection and progress is compounded by an often fragmented and unfocused security policy designed around a multi-regulatory mandate, and therein lies the need for a holistic risk management and compliance approach.

Business Challenges

  • Lack of visibility of critical data and assets
  • Impact and losses due to a breach or perceived threat
  • Insufficient protection of security controls and assets
  • Optimization of risks and compliance management tools
  • Visibility of current risk and compliance posture


MFX’s risk assessment framework delivers realistic, repeatable, and implementable reformative steps that lower risk and move your organization toward higher levels of compliance. With our industry experience and know-how, we assist our customers in building Information Security Risk Offices (IS/ROs), and restructuring existing IS/ROs that work in silos or fragmented requirements.






Policy & procedure definition
gap analysis, re-baselining

Risk assessment framework setup

ITSM, Metrics, KPI’s periodic audits, Exec reports


ISMS Awareness, Rollout Roles
& Responsibilities

3rd party security assessments,contractual compliance

Access reviews Privileged user compliance


Data governance, ownership,classification, labelling

Data risk assessment, Cross border protection

Data protection act, Pll compliance


Security baseline (standards,patches, security configuration)

IT Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation

Security configuration & compliance, SLA’s service delivery


SLA’s, CIA assessments,service delivery

Application Risk Management

Access reviews, SDLC, ITSM

MFX-GRC Features

  • Unique risk assessment framework for regulatory and business-specific compliance
  • Templates and frameworks that make historical risk and compliance data across all segments of the enterprise easily accessible
  • Templatized, quantified approach to risk management
  • Integrated dashboards, metrics, and KPI tracking
  • Guarantee of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the customer’s data

MFX-GRC Benefits

  • Visibility of hidden risks, including data and asset loss
  • Decision support for security budget and spend
  • Clear roadmap to setup process-driven, secure, and compliant operations
  • Synchronization of information security roadmap with other key enterprise initiatives
  • Prioritized delivery based on compliance mandates, risk tolerance, and budgetary constraints
  • Improved awareness of information security policies and compliance mandates across business and IT sectors

With our risk management and compliance services, we ensure that all your bases are covered, so that you don’t have to. Leave the fine print to us, while you focus on the bigger picture – growing and steering your organization toward your vision.

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