Insurance App Integration

Not employing enterprise app integration services can translate into increased costs, scattered information, and operational roadblocks. If these problems are what your insurance company identifies with, MFX has a solution. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) – that’s our expertise. We bind together operating systems, databases, computer languages, IT architectures, and legacy software. What this effort brings to table:

  • Modernization of IT infrastructure
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced time to market
  • Clarity in understanding client needs
  • Reduction of duplication, error, and fraud
  • Effective business plans through availability of complete information

MFX Offers End-to-end Solution

Specific expertise, that’s what businesses in the commercial property and casualty insurance sector need. At MFX, we are well aware of the issues faced by businesses in the P&C world. Our experience and knowledge in using the right middleware technologies allows us to build integration solutions for insurance that make a measurable difference. During the quick transition, we ensure that no technology investment is lost, while linking modules at both frontend and backend.

The MFX Effect

At the end of our intervention, what you will have is a system that’s user friendly, not just for you but also your partners; you will own a connected insurance solution that equips you with business intelligence that fuels expansion.

Let our insurance marketing automation experts analyze your existing design. We design, deploy, test and maintain software integration with zero interruptions to your ongoing business activities.

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