Mainframe Migration

Many organizations in the insurance sector have a need for mainframe modernization. The main driving factors are:

  • Need to bring down mainframe operating costs
  • Lack of professionals who possess expertise in the mainframe languages and structures
  • Ever-changing software engineering methods
  • Necessity to integrate data into newer applications for ease of data retrieval

Is your organization still stuck with legacy languages like COBOL, JCL, Natural, PL/I, SQL? MFX helps you migrate to languages such as Java, JSP, C#, ASP, C++, HTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, PLSQL. We migrate languages, databases, and infrastructure seamlessly through our MFX – MIG services.

Mainframe Modernization for Insurance the MFX Way

MFX understands the importance of keeping the OPEX down while boosting your business initiatives. Let’s face it; engineering costs of building quality translators over many applications can be expensive. But mainframe migration costs are not something we let our customers worry about.

The high conversion rates that result from our approach to mainframe application development offset the costs, while also bringing down ongoing operational expenses. For instance, we create a mainframe that conforms to your customer’s operating style rather than compelling them to adapt. This approach, obviously, translates into faster conversions.

Insight into Our Approach

We bring you custom solutions through a systematic approach that stems from years of experience in the insurance sector. We ensure that your day-to-day business remains unaffected as we go about migration to modernize insurance operations for you. Here’s how we go about it:

  • Chalking out a cost-effective porting plan
  • Eliminating redundancies before conversion
  • Conducting automated source-code assessment to zero down on problematic constructs
  • Creating user-friendly API calls that result in data that is truly meaningful for business
  • Enabling effective testing through tools that validate the efficacy of converted applications

With MFX, you’re assured of complete migration that results in better business and lower costs.

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