Maintenance & Support of Apps

Every business needs applications and with applications comes the need for IT integration & project management services for businesses. The question is whether these services are effective enough. The insurance application support & maintenance services that you hire should dynamically adapt to the changing requirements of your insurance business. The support services should be available 24×7 while also foreseeing any problems that may occur. At MFX, we combine both these services into a convenient package we call MFX AMM or MFX Application Maintenance Methodology.

MFX AMM – A Closer View

When it comes to application development and maintenance, MFX AMM employs insurance industry best practices. Incidents, tickets and service requests are grouped, looking for patterns. This approach drastically reduces problems and also puts in place a system that nurtures continuous improvement. Remediation, testing, and deployment into live product environment are done on an ongoing basis with smaller turnaround times and zero downtimes. For insurance businesses, it means that they can go on with business as usual while MFX takes care of app maintenance and support, ensuring it is always stable.

What MFX AMM Covers

App development, release management, issue tracking and resolution, compliance with SLA’s, user support, bug fixing, and deployment are just some of the areas that are covered. It takes care of all scenarios that an insurance business might need support with when it comes to applications.

Customer Retention and Business Development Made Easier

What happens when your insurance business has an effective application? Applications are a way to reach your potential customers directly through mobile devices, and when that tool is highly responsive, customer retention becomes easy. To make that possible, you need an application that is well-maintained and in accordance with the current market needs.

Applications can also be used to enable your salesforce. They can access relevant data, on the go, at any given time, adding to their sales capability. The result is increased business. MFX AMM makes owning an application like that effortless through its mobile app support & maintenance services.

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