Portfolio Rationalization

Not all organizations give enough weight to application portfolio rationalization. What this results in is redundant or outdated applications that increase maintenance costs. Also, the dynamic IT scenario has necessitated ongoing license maintenance, support, upgrades, and patching. Executing these tasks is a burden that organizations in the insurance sector want to steer clear of, and that’s understandable. MFX, through its portfolio rationalization services, bridges this gap and brings IT efficiency.

MFX – APR Service:

Here’s what we do in a nutshell:

  • Optimization of applications and keeping them up-to-date
  • Creation of an infrastructure footprint that is light and cost-effective
  • Formulation of plans and highlighting options
  • Effective utilization of the budget

The MFX Methodology

We begin by analyzing the applications that make up your IT portfolio. We then move on to the IT portfolio rationalization phase where we identify those applications that need to be retired, modernized, consolidated, or eliminated completely. The analysis is conducted in detail. For instance, we check whether there are multiple versions of an application that perform the same task. There are scenarios where certain applications are hardly used or offer little in the form of operational efficiency. We help you take a call on such applications. In other words, we ascertain the value that an application brings to your business. Such an analysis is only possible when industry knowledge is in play.

MFX prides itself on its workforce that is comprised of technical experts who are knowledgeable about the insurance industry.

MFX Application Portfolio Rationalization Advantage

We infuse efficiency in your system. Through our rationalization service, you enjoy:

  • Reduced support and maintenance costs of your application portfolio
  • Fewer vendor agreements as dependencies on certain applications are eliminated
  • Improved IT change adaptability
  • Unified service that oversees patches, tests and upgrades, while weeding out redundancies

Choosing our insurance portfolio rationalization services translates into improved business and lower costs without business stoppages.

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