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Excellence is what we focus on at MFX. We believe that great technology help desk services must understand the expectations of customers and go beyond delivering what is expected. We bring insurance businesses a workforce that is well experienced in the sector and can handle customer complaints, issues, and problems with ease.

Technically Sound Professionals at Your Disposal

Technical personnel are only as good as the training they receive and MFX recognizes this fact. We conduct ongoing training programs that enhance the technical capabilities of the professionals we bring you.

We work in a time-bound manner. A late resolution could prove to be a resolution too late, which can turn expensive for businesses, especially in the highly competitive world of insurance. Resolution time is an important KPI for all our help desk support professionals. They are well-trained when it comes to the use of our highly efficient MFX help desk tool. The tool systematically captures data, which comes in handy for trend analysis to improve service delivery.

Our Approach to IT Help Desk Service

At MFX, we consider technical support and customer service an experience that a customer carries with them even after the interaction is over. It is this experience that determines whether the customer comes back for more business. Here’s what your clients will experience with our customer support & services:

  • Effortless access: Our team will always be available for customers looking for help
  • Quick response and resolution: We equip our team with the right tools for quick response. The team’s technical knowhow translates into faster resolution, usually under an hour
  • Follow-up: This is not something that every help desk service offers. We diligently get in touch with customers to ensure that the problem is resolved to their satisfaction.
  • Continued communication: Customer service is the strongest bridge between customers and your organization, and we keep it open at all times. This also gives us valuable information on how the service can be enhanced.
  • Customization: We know that we cannot generalize problem resolution services. MFX customizes support services according to your business needs.

Two Service Levels to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Here’s what service level -1 covers:

  • Call-logging
  • Information capture
  • Entitlement/access verification
  • Providing scripted solutions / data fixes
  • Call escalation

Here’s what service level -2 covers:

  • Problem diagnosis
  • Problem isolation
  • Providing advice on system usage
  • Application of broad product knowledge for troubleshooting
  • Escalation management
  • Updating database and creating new scripts

The two-pronged approach helps us isolate issues and map expertise accordingly for a quick and meaningful resolution.

In the end, keeping your customers happy – that’s what matters to us most.

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