Two simple steps to drive down your Cloud Cost

Public cloud is a reality now and most of the enterprises are consuming cloud services. Adoption of public cloud services is increasing rapidly and hybrid cloud is reality as of today. Cloud technologies provide significant benefits in term of agility, converting Capex to Opex and offers‘pay as you’ use model that can drive down expenses for the enterprise.

The Cloud market is booming but most of the enterprises moving to cloud computing miss the point that cost cutting with cloud adoption clearly depends on efficient management and automation.

Here are some of the ways the MFX will help enterprises optimize their cloud environment to drive down costs.

1) Detect & minimize unused resources

Cloud allows unlimited capacities and enterprises tends to take benefit of quick provisioning for resources resulting in what is termed as VM sprawl. Here are some steps that coulddrive down cost by identifying and reducing unused resources

  • Delete / Remove un-used snapshots
  • Delete UN-attach disk storage
  • Shutdown instances, when not in use

2) Right Size resources

Application requirements may change over a period and once in a cloud environment, you can easily map your requirement with resources to use to help you drive down cost.

  • Right Size virtual machine

Check your VM performance and see if you can use a different instance to drive down cost. Cloud providers keeps on adding new instances that provide better performance at same cost.

  • Right size Disk storage

Compare required storage capacity, IOPS & throughput requirement to make sure right storage is selected. Matching storage to requirements can drive down your cost significantly. You can also get benefits of volume discount for the storage by effectively using optimized storage components.

Posted By: Hemant Joshi | Friday May 4, 2018

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