Billing & Collection

Insurance BPO

In the wake of technology-driven disruptions, fundamental shifts in consumer expectations, aggressive regulatory requirements, and increasing cost pressures, the global insurance industry is now faced with a whole new set of challenges.

In order to keep pace with such a dynamic environment and stay differentiated from the competition, insurers need partners who can support and enable them to grow and sustain themselves simultaneously.

MFX’s insurance processing services helps clients service their customers with efficiency and accuracy. By outsourcing critical processing functions, insurers can focus their efforts on exploring business opportunities and developing more aggressive growth plans.


MFX BPO Offerings – Billing and Collections

MFX BPO offers Accounts Receivables / Payable services, supporting the Bill Payment and Collections process. MFX understands the financial implication of transactional inaccuracies and, therefore, deploys multiple layers of checks and measures to avoid / detect any financial oversights:

Second signatory checks

Ring fenced teams for high-value payouts

Leakage audits

Our fool-proof approach ensures that financial information is always accurate while our clients focus on revenue-generating initiatives.

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