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In the wake of technology-driven disruptions, fundamental shifts in consumer expectations, aggressive regulatory requirements, and increasing cost pressures, the global insurance industry is now faced with a whole new set of challenges.

In order to keep pace with such a dynamic environment and stay differentiated from the competition, insurers need partners who can support and enable them to grow and sustain themselves simultaneously.

MFX’s insurance processing services helps clients service their customers with efficiency and accuracy. By outsourcing critical processing functions, insurers can focus their efforts on exploring business opportunities and developing more aggressive growth plans.

MFX BPO Offerings – Claims

The MFX team offers a number of services throughout the journey of a claim:


Our BPO team covers various functions that support the upstream processes of a claim’s lifecycle, including FNOL, claims set-up in system, validation checks, and initial assessment on payment/repudiation.

The following processes can be supported during the initial phase of the claim:

  • Claims lodgment
  • Validation and triage
  • Initial fraud assessment
  • Loss categorization
  • Reserve management

Core Claims Operations:

While generic processes like sorting/indexing can be delivered throughout the entire claim lifecycle, the MFX team also offers core claims processing operations like liability assessments, claims processing for first-party, and third-party administration, including TP capture and retention. Interdepartmental MI reporting can also be undertaken.

High-end subrogation processes like TP engagement for recoveries, engaging with solicitors/collection agencies to fulfill subrogation claims, and identification of recovery opportunities based on applicable state-specific laws are also covered.

We support the following operations:

  • Claims processing
  • Liability assessment
  • Third-party administration
  • Recoveries
  • Subrogation
  • Liability disputes
  • Litigation support – legal services
  • Broker and vendor support – updates


Accounts payable: Payments out to various parties associated in the claim (i.e. solicitors, investigation/collection agencies, etc.). Robust measures will be taken to ensure high levels of accuracy, resulting in nil or minimum leakage.

Reserve management: Timely updating of reserves as required, and more importantly, nullifying of reserves once all payments have been made during the settlement stage. The team is also equipped to carry out audits on claims with high lifecycle and/or closed claims to identify and close any reserves that may still be open.

Communication management: The BPO team can provide support in timely communication of claim status to all stake holders as per the medium and frequency of their respective preferences.

MFX also performs standalone projects that provide specific insights into the claims process as per business requirements. These include providing market intelligence like third-party profiling, leakage audits across payments, and reserve accuracy checks and management. We can publish a customized dashboard providing an in-depth MI of key metrics related to claims processes like claims ageing, average claim payout, recoveries versus outlay, and more.

Our offerings:

Excess/deductible management

Third-party claims (large loss – PD and BI)

TP insurers profiling

Fraud checks

Actuarial support

Leakage audits

Deadwood claims management

MI reporting (critical metrics)

MFX’s BPO team also offers a suite of niche, high-end, complex functions that address key metrics that are critical to claims processing. MFX can provide actuarial support and also process high-value claims with large losses across various lines of business/nature of loss, like property damage, bodily injury, etc. Make use of our BPO services so that we can do the work behind the scenes for you, while you focus your efforts and resources on your core business of adjudicating claims as efficiently as possible.

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