Cyber Security

Security of your information systems and data is vital.
MFX is an insurance technology company that intimately understands your P&C insurance needs, which allows us to deliver security services and solutions with vast insurance expertise.

Why do you need to be concerned?

Compromised systems and networks, lost or stolen data, network interruptions, malware and other threats affect business in ways we can’t envision. cybercrime, hacktivism, cyberespionage, and cyberwarfare are at an all-time high. The hackers mostly want your data and they are coming for it! They want big payoffs fast! They may already be on your network or physically in your offices…

  • They want to use YOUR data to damage your reputation, or grow their business with your customer lists, sensitive information and costly R&D.
  • They want to sell YOUR data to the highest bidder, charge you to get it back or charge your customers not to be exposed.
  • They want to damage YOUR reputation and sales by preventing you from doing business through denial of service attacks and then charge you a lot of money to make them stop.
  • They want to harm YOUR business because of ideological beliefs, deface your websites, disrupt your business, or destroy your data.
  • These are just a few of the most common attack scenarios but there are many others…
Cybersecurity Attack Motivations
Statistics provided by: Hackmageddon

Cybersecurity: Help is around

Gone are the days when hackers were kids working alone, known by their online aliases, looking for peer notoriety and headlines, frequently distributing disruptive Windows malware or causing brief denial of service outages.

Today hackers are organized, anonymous, financed, prepared and proficient, working in large businesses, organizations or nation-states, hacking for greed or sociopolitical reasons. They have everything a successful business needs except for trophies….that is what they want from you…your data!

According to the 2015 Ponemon Global Cost of Data Breach Study…

Today    …the average total cost of a breach is $3.8 million – up 23% since 2013.
…the average cost per record breached is $154.
…but, the average cost per record breached for health care is $363.

Stay out of the headlines!

Cybersecurity news headlines

While these are fictitious news headlines, they are repeatedly based on true stories and timelines. It’s a jungle out there and you need a Cyber-Ally to guide you through the cyber-jungle…a trusted partner who understands your needs, has the experience and knowledge to keep your business safe from internal and external threats. Don’t be in the next cyber headline!

Real-world cybersecurity testing of systems, networks, applications and employees

MFX performs real-world cybersecurity testing of systems, networks, applications and employees. Executive management has a bigger responsibility to protect customer and employee data.

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