P&C Insurance companies are being challenged to move their organizations to the next level wherein they need to embrace new technologies and implement innovative digital business models for keeping pace with industry disruptors, however such Digital transformation initiatives are complex and the prospect of implementing large-scale changes is daunting.


  • There is a need to build better digital ecosystem that are agile and business driven.
  • Ever-changing insurance regulation needs a quicker adoption & innovation which needs to be adopted in a rapid way
  • The deployment process is complex and downtime for an upgrade is high and hence causing upgradation of the products a daunting activity.
  • There is also the need for delivering uninterrupted digital channel experiences over various platforms such as web ,mobile.

InsurOps : Solution

In industry, time to market is directly related to success. InsurOps adoption helps insurance companies in developing and deploying technology rapidly by enabling successful lean IT transformation across complex architectures. Thus, establishing a standardized end-to-end orchestrated infrastructure ecosystem which assists in adopting changes in a timely manner. With enablement of automated and rapid deployments it increases the operational efficiency and enables better Customer satisfaction.

InsurOps : Benefits

The benefits accrued by adopting InsurOps as the solution include:

Reduced time to market

  • Reduction in develop-install-operate cycle through automation.
  • It also improves the ability to react to ever changing business and regulatory needs.

Improved Operating Efficiency

  • Helps in implementing Lean IT
  • Enables rapid scalability as per instant business needs
  • Provides tools & Processes for proactively identifying issues in the digital ecosystem
  • Provides easy to integrate options with other third-party solutions/systems.

Infrastructure Consolidation

  • Reduces maintenance budgets
  • Helps in rationalizing vendor tools and vendors
  • Facilitates simplification of the IT environment

Adoption of InsurOps facilitates the adoption of new technologies and innovative business models that helps in enabling a flow of development & deployment while maintaining quality, reliability, and security for its customers.

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