Integration of Core Disparate Systems

Product lines constantly warrant change and interacting with multiple business systems – these are challenges that insurers in the P&C realm must brave through. The challenges, in fact, are interconnected. Maintenance of multiple business systems translates into a need to maintain a large resource pool with varied skillsets that different systems demand, and this means increased costs. Further, for the insurers, getting new-age underwriting professionals on legacy platform is tough. MFX has the perfect solution for this challenge – Universal Insurance Interface.

Preparing Insurers for the Future While Keeping the Past in Mind

System integration is not so much an issue as portals and ESBs effectively address most problems, but with the advent of bots and RPA, you need to prepare for the future.

The solution: A smart flexible, configurable, ‘communication layer or integrator’ that interfaces with the business layer or services of any Industry standard system that can be deployed with both modern and legacy (COBOL) systems. We bring you a communication layer capable of mapping several systems into one standard MFX messaging layer.

The result: The MFX messaging layer brings standardization to GUI rendering, web services, portals, mobile devices and other consumption endpoints.

The Business Benefits of Integration of Core Disparate Systems are Several

Standardized consumption endpoints result in:

  • Improved productivity resulting from exposing business users to standardized modern front ends
  • Quick induction and ramp up of subject matter experts who manage business spikes through remote system access
  • Ably interfacing legacy platforms with modern technologies
  • Reduced turn-around times dealing with interfacing projects during mergers and acquisitions that bring along more systems into picture

When you have MFX taking care of multiple business systems, going about your regular business activities becomes easy, quick, and cost-effective.

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