MGA / TPA Integration

Integrating Managing General Agent (MGA) and Third Party Administrator (TPA) claim and policy data into local administration systems is something that no insurance carrier can afford to shy away from. Despite this, it is still a time-intensive, error-prone, repetitive, and often frustrating process for everybody involved. MFX’s MGA / TPA integration service is designed to simplify and hasten this cumbersome, but critical process.

Our solution saves time, money, and effort by aggregating data from all your MGAs and TPAs into a single edited, accurate, and integrated data repository. This data source can then be used by underwriting, claims, finance, actuarial and management for reporting, analytics, extracts, and queries.

Count on us to take care of the groundwork, so that you can concentrate your efforts towards acquiring new customers and efficiently adjudicating insurance claims.

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