Mobility – Beyond Mobile

Entering the mobility era brings up many challenges for those in the insurance industry, one of which is the issue of legacy-system compatibility. Many insurers face delays in deploying their mobility initiatives due to sequential enhancement or replacement of existing legacy systems, which requires substantial amounts of time and effort. Interacting with more than one core system is a big challenge in mobile app development, and development and maintenance of new apps come with their own challenges and limitations around security, connectivity, scalability, and multiple platforms and operating systems.

What is Claims Assistant?

Considering the above challenges, MFX, has developed a solution to address such problems for claims processing. Claims Assistant is a device agnostic, messaging-based, self-service tool for insurers or agents. It automates many aspects of claims processing.

Claims Assistant – Benefits

  • Messaging-based mobility solution to accelerate claims processing and user interaction
  • Context-specific, self-service interaction with the base system for claim processing
  • Eases the need for filling of tedious forms by customers
  • Can include attachments; provide action buttons and utilities like location pin, etc.
  • Helps minimize traffic to back office or BPO agents
  • Device agnostic – messaging through mobile/tabs/pads
  • Plug and play with popular messengers like Facebook, Skype, etc.
  • Seamlessly integrates with core applications for instant status updates, alerts, and responses
  • Conversations using natural language
  • Ability to expose the required functionalities of core systems (including legacy), as required by insurers

Claims Assistant – Features

  • SaaS solution available on cloud or on-premise to manage communication with base systems
  • Also provide additional feature than Mobile Apps
  • Insurance-specific SLA and benchmarking
  • Process-wise conversation scenarios
  • Clearly defined conversation rules
  • Import existing knowledge and optimize in the background
  • Rich insurance terminology to enhance user experience
  • On-the-go dashboards