Pramod Vasant Deshpande

Sr. Vice President – Digital Solutions

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Pramod Deshpande is responsible for driving and developing new digital offerings, and insurance-domain-specific initiatives at MFX. He has discharged various responsibilities in the past such as leading product architecture group, product partnership group, establishing insurance competency center, and creating innovative solutions. Along the way, he gained exposure to many core insurance products and worked for insurers across all major geographies.

Pramod has a unique perspective of the insurance industry, viewing it as a business user, an underwriter and a claims expert. With in-depth knowledge of insurance practices followed by all major geographies and new technology orientation, he offers technical solutions to insurers globally.

He has more than 30 years of experience in Insurance and holds professional certifications like Management of Technology Innovations from IIM-B.  He has served over 16+ years in the software industry, being associated with companies like HCL, Accenture, CGI India, and other global leaders.

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