Cloud Services

Cloud computing is here and it is making a difference to businesses in a big way. Cloud adoption in


As the digital world continues to grow at breakneck speed, so do the number and severity of threats

Professional Services

Ingesting variable data from TPAs and MGAs into the systems is an issue that is faced by virtually e

Mobility Solutions

Mobility is the buzz word today and rightly so. It makes jobs, which demand resources to be on the m

Telecom Infrastructure

The past few years have seen a rapid surge of insurance businesses towards digitization. The advent

Managed Services

Downtimes can wreak havoc on your business. When your systems are down, you cannot accept new busine

Maintenance CoE

Our Maintenance CoE defines our approach towards our offerings. At MFX, we strive to provide our cus

Data Center Services

You need to prepare your insurance business for the future, and the ability to quickly scale up is a

Mainframe Services

MFX has helped clients reduce their IT Operational costs by supporting their mainframe needs

Managed SOC

MFX Multi-tenant Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) draws on our years of security work and in

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