A partner for your cloud and infrastructure needs — at our datacenters or yours.

Technology has become the nerve center of businesses in all industries. Yet advances in IT infrastructure continue to outpace the ability of most companies to assimilate and deploy in a timely, cost-effective manner. IT technology is simply evolving too quickly for businesses to gain the optimal functionality they need.

Business cloud and infrastructure support

Today, it takes a partner in technology to gain the flexibility needed to compete profitably. At MFX, we have become a partner- an extension of your IT department- with insurance companies that want to gain new efficiencies in cloud and IT infrastructure. They rely on us because of our experience, and our commitment to upgrade and expand our IT services practice as technologies change.
Designed for any computer platform environment, our cloud and infrastructure services allow you to have:

  • The right platform for optimum processing flexibility
  • Commercial-quality service levels to best suit your business requirements
  • The ability to evolve as your business grows
  • A specified monthly cost

Let us show you how effectively technology can be managed by our cloud and infrastructure services.