Cloud Computing for business

Hybrid Cloud Service for business

Our hybrid cloud integrates the security and reliability of a private cloud with the flexibility and economies of a public cloud to deliver the IT resources that you need to power your IT operations.

Hybrid cloud provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities. These allow you to drive down the cost of your infrastructure while gaining interactive access to the development applications needed for rapid development of complex projects.

This allows you to process selected workloads in our private IaaS while still maintaining the flexibility and scalability to burst out to public cloud solutions. Our hybrid cloud services platform enables you to migrate workloads between cloud providers as needed. This minimizes the limitations of a single cloud provider while delivering a single dashboard to view and manage your IT cloud services.

Hybrid cloud means:

  • Increased agility because of its elastic cloud infrastructure and end-to-end automated provisioning capabilities, enabling your IT operation to get ahead of its deliverables and respond more quickly to customer demands
  • Reduced costs that are determined on a consumption-based IT service model
  • Improved migration that accelerates your IT transformation

Hybrid cloud is the best combination of public and private cloud. See what our hybrid cloud services can do for you.