Cloud Computing for business

Private Cloud Service for business

MFX’s secure private cloud offerings bring a cloud-enabled, high-performance, ultra-reliable datacenter to businesses looking to benefit from cloud computing. Our cloud offering integrates high-quality servers, enterprise storage systems and networking hardware with the robust tools and software to create an innovative, comprehensive and usable cloud computing offering.

We design our private cloud pods with an open architecture, seamlessly integrating leading computer, network and storage technologies, for the highest levels of security, flexibility and optimum application performance. We include a cloud resource metering and control system for resource usage optimization.
You can choose between:

  • Our dedicated private cloud that offers a complete converged cloud infrastructure exclusively for a single organization’s use and can be housed either in one of MFX’s secure datacenters or at your datacenter or colocation facility, or
  • A virtual private cloud that economically provides an on-demand configurable pool of shared cloud resources using the same converged infrastructure hosted in one of our secure state-of-the-art datacenters

Leverage the power of private cloud computing with MFX.