Datacenter Disaster Recovery Services

A cyber attack or natural disaster might never happen to your business. However, if recent reports of increasingly more sophisticated malware, equipment failure, employee error or natural disasters are any indication of what’s ahead for businesses in all industries, the chances are growing ever greater that one may strike. If it did, the immediate falloff in revenue may be the least of your concerns, considering the impact of the loss of critical data, productivity and your reputation. 

MFX disaster recovery services provide you planning assistance and geographically diverse datacenter locations for offsite recovery that ensure your people and technology will be up and running quickly.
We work to keep your IT assets available to you at all times, and our cloud capabilities can create a secure virtual desktop environment that your employees can access from any location.

We work with you to build a comprehensive company-specific plan, starting with a business impact assessment that will:

  • Drive a business continuity plan for work area recovery and mobility
  • Meet the recovery time objective and recovery point objective needs of a solid IT disaster recovery plan.
  • Coordinate all testing from disaster recovery or other offsite locations as well as disaster recovery activities
  • Document all results.

MFX is known for its IT solutions including colocation and disaster recovery, and now we’re going one step further. Protect your data with us, and plan for your other business continuity considerations. To complement our suite of disaster recovery services, we’ve selected the best provider of workspace recovery services.

Our disaster preparedness services team can help you move ahead should the unforeseen happen.