Remote infrastructure management services


Organizations have aggressively pursued technology as a means of competitive differentiation. In the process, they have amassed huge IT departments and invested overwhelming resources to build custom solutions from the ground up. Managing the commoditized underlying infrastructure supporting these services has become a burden that drains vital resources from strategic planning and delivery. MFX offers MFX-RIM which is a matrix of integrated offerings to provide a robust set of services for supporting the delivery of business applications and their underlying technologies. These capabilities can range from system event monitoring and triage to the transfer of complete end-to-end support services delivery. Savvy technology leaders looking to cut costs while improving the stability, control and transparency of their IT infrastructure are turning to RIMS as a solution.

MFX – RIM Support services provide organizations with scalable solutions and the flexibility to adapt to their business focus. We offer expanded teams, services and systems through our 24×7 Global Delivery Center.
People may sleep, but our services don’t. Our customers have the ability to securely and virtually access Application Support, Server Management and Helpdesk Operations.

Database Operations Support

MFX’s Database Management services encompass the maintenance of various databases & backups, taking care of database related issues like verifying the hot backups, extending tablespaces as and when required and carrying out database purges. MFX has extensive experience and expertise in providing database management support for multiple systems and environments

Windows/Linux Environment Support

MFX is well versed in the remote management of both Windows & Linux (Open Source) based environments and servers. Our highly efficient server support team provides this multi-platform support through:

  • Operating System Administration
  • Performance Monitoring of Servers
  • Backup Management
  • Version Management (Upgrade & Patch Management)
  • Client Solution Architectures

Network and IT Security Operations Support
MFX’s Remote Infrastructure Management services also cater to our clients’ network administration needs. We remotely operate and manage entire networks, including all devices such as routers, Firewalls, IP Telephony, VLANs, VPNs etc. MFX also enables clients increase the efficiency of their network infrastructure by formulating security policies to reduce network outages, improve throughput and optimize resource investments.

Service Desk Operations
MFX offers a multi-platform based (voice, email) technical support desk to address any issues raised by our clients or by their end customers. By transitioning the helpdesk operations to our offshore center, we help clients realize tremendous cost and 24×7 productivity benefits. Some of the common Service Desk operations performed include monitoring and managing helpdesk tickets, escalations around the clock and giving real-time solutions to the same.

Release/Change Management
Our Release/Change Management solutions ensure that all client processes are compliant with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) & ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) standards. The Release Management process documents in detail any change initiated to the clients’ infrastructure, right from the initiation of critical software/hardware rollouts to the completion of any other system related activity. The Release Policy document also contains a Backout/Fallback plan which can be implemented in case of any contingencies.

Storage and Backup Support
MFX possesses the necessary expertise and experience in data storage and backup solutions that encompass a range of service offerings including storage and backup monitoring, system integration for enterprise storage area networks, disaster recovery & business continuity planning, and designing and deploying SAN/NAS solution architectures

MFX-RIM Service offerings:


MFX-RIM Engagement Levels:



MFX RIM Offering and Benefits:

  • Fully functional Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Proactive monitoring via corrected events
  • Continuous baseline of infrastructure metrics
  • Support for growth within defined budget
  • Bandwidth for next-generation infrastructure solutions
  • Variable resources to process backlog
  • Expanded domain / technical knowledge
  • Reduced impact of attrition
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Event monitoring, triage and escalation