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Workplace recovery services

Business interruptions have many causes — natural disasters you can’t escape from, and operational interruptions (power outages, hackers, building fires, etc.) you can’t predict.

You can create your own plan and hope you can get all of the things you require quickly when needed. Or, you can use our workspace recovery services, and have it done faster, at a lower cost and more effectively. As a complement to our disaster recovery capabilities, we’ve partnered with a company that has done this for 25 years, and had 100% success.

Regardless of your company size, it’s affordable. For a small monthly subscription, you will have access to the power, communications, workspace and computer systems you’ll need until your facility is habitable again. The price of your recovery is limited to the out-of-pocket expenses incurred at the time recovery is invoked, with no surcharges.

Experienced readiness specialists will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan. You’ll have access to the website with a wealth of checklists, white papers and videos.

At the time of disaster, you are provided:

  • Power: Emergency generator suppliers around the country have been contracted to be available as needed, at reduced rates. You pay for the rental with no upcharge from us.
  • Communications: Satellite links are set up to restore phone and internet service.
  • Work space: A nationwide network of brick and mortar recovery locations, as well as mobile office suites complete with rest rooms, are at the ready.
  • Computer systems: Computers, servers and office equipment are stocked for express shipment to your location. You pay for shipping only.
  • Support: Expert technicians will go to your location to set up equipment. You pay for transportation, but not the payroll costs.

The details are extensive. Contact us for more information on how we can help your organization be prepared for an unseen disaster.