Cloud Services

Cloud computing is here and it is making a difference to businesses in a big way. Cloud adoption in insurance has been rapid. The reason – there is no better way to maintain and retrieve data on-demand. Plus, cloud services free up IT resources while bringing flexibility to IT infrastructure. The result: better customer service, lower costs, standardized data, and ultimately, better business.

MFX presents cloud based insurance solutions that have been designed with inputs from industry experts. The solutions enable organizations to easily retrieve data across private and public cloud platforms. Plus, we integrate your existing systems into the cloud environment. The onus is on usability so that you enjoy a uniform experience through a common interface.

What are the Benefits?

  • A platform that is flexible and converged, enhancing the computing capability at lower costs
  • Easy accessibility to data, while maintaining high security
  • Lower cost of ownership and elimination of the need for huge capital investment
  • Dedicated or shared data centers based on business requirements
  • Cyber security and disaster management assurance
  • Ability to respond to customer needs faster

Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Hybrid clouds bring together the best of private and public clouds. While you enjoy the security and reliability of a private cloud, you also gain from the economies of public cloud. Interactivity between development apps can easily be achieved through capabilities such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). This allows insurance businesses to remain prepared to handle complex projects. Migration of data between cloud infrastructures becomes more efficient when you choose a hybrid cloud environment.

MFX is the market leader when it comes to offering hybrid cloud computing services in the insurance sector, especially property and casualty.

We do not limit ourselves to offering cloud services, we go a step further and bring you support services. MFX believes in creating a business atmosphere that is congenial to your growth, while taking the burden of maintaining IT infrastructure off your shoulders.

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