Managed Security Operations Center

The future of enterprise security is here! The MFX Multi-tenant Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) draws on years of cyber-security experience and industry-leading SIEM technology that we partner with LogRhythm to help protect your business from cyber-attacks.

How MFX SOC Operation works:
MFX SOC employees and technologies with a variety of cyber security experience — such as Analysts, Responders, and Threat Hunters – are onsite 24/7 year round. MFX SOCs adhere to a strict protocol. They have established standard operating procedures, and they use cases and play books to help define how SOC staff respond to and communicate about various cybersecurity events and incidents.
In addition to real-time Security Information and Event Management analysis, MFX SOC Team also supports End to End Security intelligence

  • Endpoint forensics, with registry and file integrity monitoring
  • Network forensics, with application ID and full packet capture
  • Behavioral analytics for holistic threat detection (users, networks, and endpoints)
  • Rapid unstructured and contextual search
  • End-to-end incident response orchestration workflows to support team collaboration
  • SmartResponseTM automation framework

While businesses have enhanced their data security measures in an attempt to keep pace with today’s security threats, they often do not have well-defined remediation strategies in place to handle these threats. Additionally, setting up security infrastructure from scratch is resource intensive. Below are the top 5 reasons why businesses should opt for our managed security operations center services.

Leverage an expert security team

Choosing an in-house security team takes a large investment in both technology and manpower. Instead of spending time and resources trying to put together an in-house team, you can leverage our technology experts with years of cyber-security experience for your managed services. This oversight is available 24/7 year round, and with a multi-continental security team, somebody is always monitoring and responding to threats.

Improved Threat management

Our SOC team will provide you with advanced monitoring, analysis, and investigation of all threats and breaching attempts. The expertly managed SOC hunts down and works to eliminate threats before they even hit your systems. We offer the latest threat intelligence using sophisticated security technology to discover and eliminate system vulnerabilities before hackers even have a chance.

Manage regulatory compliance

With multiple compliance regulations in place, it is mandatory to ensure that your organization abides by laws such as GLBA, GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, and others. Our expert SOC team will ensure that your assets are protected and offer you relevant certifications. Having a managed SOC provider takes the legal worries of compliance out of your hands and is a guarantee that you will always be in compliance with existing laws.

Minimize your operational costs

As stated above, building a Security Operations Center is cost intensive, and beyond that, it is also costly to maintain. It often requires dedicated hardware, appliances, new software, and programming to keep up with ever-evolving threats, and comes with additional licensing costs. Additionally, there’s also the time and cost involved in finding and maintaining expert-level security staff. Why not go with an expert SOC services provider and avoid all the hassle?

Simplify your processes and focus on your core mission

Your organization has many important goals to focus on. Managing cyber threats and your network vulnerabilities shouldn’t be one of them. When executed properly, managed SOC services become an extension of your IT team. By offloading some of these demanding tasks to our team, your team can focus on work that adds value to your business. With an expert team taking care of your network security, you have one less thing to worry about!

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