MFX Mainframe Services

MFX has helped clients reduce their IT Operational costs by supporting their mainframe needs since 2001. MFX supports clients in multiple industries including insurance, manufacturing, logistics, real estate and governments.

MFX has extensive experience in Mainframe Operations & Mainframe Migration. The MFX team is well versed in migrations across all technology platforms, have performed multiple Mainframe migrations, and delivered selective mainframe outsourcing services to companies of all sizes.

Why Partner with MFX?

MFX’s solution addresses the flexibility for clients to grow or shrink as requirements evolve, allowing them to maximize their cost savings and allocate these savings to other business initiatives.

Solution Options: Full Outsourcing or Mainframe Hosting
MFX supports multiple mainframe OS environments including; zOS, MVS, VM, and VSE.

MFX’s Mainframe Hosting solution includes:

• IBM system software and support (e.g. Operating System, RACF, PSF, etc.),
• Storage
• Tape
• Disaster Recovery capabilities
• Capacity planning
• Performance reporting
• 24 x 7 monitoring
• Mainframe Application Services (*can be done in tandem with Mainframe Hosting or as a separate engagement)
• MFX’s “Full Outsourcing” model also includes added services for Production Control, Job
Scheduling, and Application Support.

Transition Services

• Although each client’s environment is unique, Typical migrations last approximately for up to 120-days.
However, during the initial planning phase, our jointly defined plans will be adjusted to ensure we are
100% compatible with the client’s objectives for migration goals.

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