Mobility Solutions

Mobility is the buzz word today and rightly so. It makes jobs, which demand resources to be on the move, efficient. While mobility is essential, insurance businesses cannot ignore security. Then, there is the need to view the same data across all devices. Speed of access is another requirement. MFX covers these corners through its mobility solutions for insurance businesses. We do not expect our customers to go for specific devices owing to compatibility concerns. We bring enterprise mobility applications for insurance sector that are compatible across mobile devices, so that your resources can use the device of their preference.

We Offer Comprehensive Mobile Solutions

We know what insurance businesses expect, especially the ones in the P&C domain. We help you with:

  • Mobile device usage policy compliance
  • Plan for mobile device ‘end of life’
  • App testing before introducing them
  • Checks to ensure security if devices are lost or stolen

Economies of Mobility in Insurance

No initiative is worth the effort if it does not have a positive economic impact on the business. Our highly affordable solutions are customizable to your business goals. They take into consideration aspects like job roles and productivity mapping so that the results are measurable. Businesses that choose us see rapid results from their investment. Employees enjoy seamless access to information during sales visits to quickly address customer concerns; in other words, they enjoy an effective sales enablement tool.

Business management advantage:

  • Quick access to corporate emails along with attachments
  • Corporate data
  • Synced in calendars and contacts
  • Uniformity of information across devices
  • Inventory management capability
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote alerts

Technology advantage:

  • Remote lock
  • Remote swipe
  • Certificate deployment
  • Security profiles and deployment
  • Remote device quarantine
  • Data encryption

We make on-demand, low-cost scalability possible through our pre-tested, pre-configured mobility solutions, using proven technologies. We ensure that your insurance business runs smooth at all times.

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