As the digital world continues to grow at breakneck speed, so do the number and severity of threats faced by your organization. In such a scenario, it takes the right combination of cybersecurity services and information security to adequately shield your organization from risks both internal and external. MFX’s cybersecurity services seek to help you safely and securely operate your business in today’s heavily interconnected world.

Real-world cybersecurity testing of systems, networks, applications and employees

MFX performs real-world testing of cybersecurity systems, networks, applications, and employees by replicating the actual tools and techniques used by hackers. This allows us to get realistic and applicable results which are then analysed to uncover the weak links in your security setup. The test’s findings are ranked by criticality, so that the more pressing vulnerabilities can be tackled first. Reports are easy to read, and provide a valuable measurement of how robust your security program is.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is a critical part of managing cybersecurity risk, which aims to identify, classify, remediate, and mitigate any vulnerabilities present in your setup. It is common knowledge that hackers often use a series of lesser vulnerabilities to pivot through a network. It could be a missing patch on one server, outdated software on another, a weak security configuration on another, and so on, until large parts of your network have been compromised. MFX helps you manage these soft spots with effective testing and comprehensive solutions to reduce or eliminate the vulnerabilities.

Web Application Security Testing

Web application security testing is a rigorous testing effort aimed at uncovering any security weaknesses in an application before a hacker can discover and exploit them. It usually involves methodically testing the security of the application to see if it can be compromised or bypassed. Traditional internet architecture like firewalls and intrusion detection systems are designed to protect web servers, application servers, and database servers, and serve as the last line of defence for your data. MFX’s experts provide dynamic website testing services to find the weak spots in your applications, and suggest how to best strengthen them.

Social Engineering Testing

The human element is an often overlooked aspect of security. Companies invest heavily in security technology and security operations staff, but most employees lack IT security backgrounds. Social engineers are threats who use a combination of technical and non-technical methods of intrusion that rely heavily on human interaction, often tricking people into breaking normal security procedures or testing their security awareness. Being one of the biggest risks facing your organization, it’s important to know how your employees would fare against a determined social engineer. MFX’s social engineering testing helps determine how effective your security policies are, and how well they are followed, by putting them to the test in the real world, against a social engineer.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the ultimate test of your security measures, and routine penetration testing is critical to managing cybersecurity risk. Penetration tests are unique in that they can determine the feasibility of a particular set of attack vectors (internet, internal, wireless, and remote access), and can help identify high-risk vulnerabilities from a combination of lower-risk vulnerabilities exploited in a particular sequence. They also help identify vulnerabilities that may be difficult to detect with automated network or application vulnerability scanning. Penetration tests also assess the magnitude of potential impacts of successful attacks, and test the ability of the network defenders to detect and respond to attacks, assess incident communication, and protect corporate resources. MFX will test your cybersecurity resiliency, so that hackers don’t stand a chance when they do.

As an insurance company, there are few things more important than the security of your customers’ data. Rest easy in the knowledge that MFX’s cybersecurity services have you covered – we ensure, you insure.

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