Insurance Business Intelligence Solution

Insurance data is very complex and difficult to use effectively. Often it exists in silos, but there is still a need to convert it into meaningful enterprise-wide information. An inability to collect this information hampers a carrier’s ability to make business decisions quickly.

A module within the MFX Integrated Insurance platform, our property and casualty business intelligence insurance solution offers fast and complete access to information across all business systems. Our systems integration services connect this module into the rest of your corporate enterprise systems, for rapid start-up. We can also host it in the cloud via one of our datacenters.

You’ll find that our business intelligence system gives you:

  • Powerful functionality that puts information at the fingertips of your decision makers
  • Flexible user interfaces that make it easy to use
  • Self-service capabilities that virtually eliminate waiting for support to get the answers you need.
  • Reports, analyses, inquiries and data manipulation capabilities that can be easily performed. You are now empowered to investigate issues, identify emerging trends, spot subtle variances from targets, and drive results.

MFX’s ready-to-use business intelligence insurance software includes:

  • Out-of-the-box functionality with predefined dashboards, KPIs, charts and reports, as well as hundreds of standard P&C measures and dimensions
  • Intuitive and customizable report writing
  • Actionable business reports that can be annotated and shared

Our business intelligence insurance solution lets you access your data to see the big picture.