As any other industry, Medical Profession often attracts risk associated with the services they provide. Carriers supporting Medical Malpractice need to have smart solutions, that help Medical professionals take preventive action against professional-liability.

Emerging technologies and changing business practices, the way Physicians provide care to patients also changes. The risks associated with it also change, forcing organizations to take an enterprise-wide view of the risks associated. Risk management has taken a broader level importance, brining into focus – risk identification, measurement, control, mitigation and risk financing.

With the changing competitive landscapes, carriers need to be flexible in their programs and practices, while continuing to provide best service to their insureds. With MFX’s Medical Malpractice product Suite, an end-to-end insurance processing solution for medical professional liability insurance carriers, enables companies to exercise maximum agility and efficiency while providing high quality service.

MFX MedMal product Suite is an all-encompassing configurable core system solution for –

  • Policy management
  • Underwriting
  • Billing
  • Rating
  • Product configuration and
  • Business intelligence

Key Medical Malpractice Product Suite Features

Work in real-time with producers, practitioners and third-parties for quoting, binding, issuing and servicing of all transactions within the lifecycle of a policy.
Customize rates and manage your own underwriting rules, as well as any type of actionable outcome, including STP (straight-through-processing) via a robust table-driven engine.
Integrated document management, including acquisition, generation and organization, giving you a complete and accessible account file.
Rate and invoice down to the most discrete level, such as physician by jurisdiction, to enable organizations to track and allocate internal costs.
Automatically upload large volumes of data such as lists of doctors, hospitals or medical buildings — reducing data entry errors to almost zero.