Reinsurance Solutions

For property and casualty insurers, managing ceded, assumed and retroceded transactions is a complex activity. Manual or spreadsheet processing raises concerns about missed loss recoverables and unintended risk exposures that may be buried in the details. Operational efficiency and effectiveness has long been a challenge.

MFX’s affordable reinsurance management solution changes the dynamics of reinsurance processing by providing a comprehensive, automated system that standardizes and streamlines reinsurance processing and management. Part of our Integrated Insurance Platform, it is built around reliability and flexibility.

Our reinsurance software solution provides consistent, accurate processing of all your reinsurance transactions – eliminating the need to move from system to system to get the information you need. Claims and exposures are not overlooked.

The MFX module offers automated tracking and archiving of transactions to greatly simplify regulatory compliance.

Our integration services take care of the details and will get you online and processing your reinsurance transactions quickly. Cloud-based hosting of the module in our datacenters is an option that saves you IT resources, and ensures optimum processing flexibility.

You can:

  • Use a single system to process ceded, assumed and retroceded business associated with treaty and facultative arrangements for all contract types, revisions and commutations
  • Conduct reinsurance accounting at contract, intermediary, participant, policy and claim levels
  • Monitor program effectiveness with full reporting capabilities
  • Opt for additional reinsurance business analysis services.

MFX’s reinsurance software can be fully integrated into your business system and configured to your company’s needs. We’ll show you how.