Red Hat partnership

This strategic alliance between MFX and Red Hat makes it easier for organizations to adopt open source that can transform both the technical landscape and the way software enables your business. Working together we are building on our shared, open source approach to developing software that addresses the growing Big Data requirements of key enterprise stakeholders. With our platforms tightly integrated with open hybrid cloud technologies (including Red Hat Storage, JBoss, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Open JDK, and OpenStack), MFX and Red Hat will deliver infrastructure solutions that enable the next generation applications.

The alliance between MFX and Red Hat has three main areas of collaboration:

  • Deep joint engineering to create a tightly integrated platform for next generation data applications
  • Joint go to market activities
  • Collaborative support of the joint offerings

The primary benefits to the enterprise include:

  • Faster development of new data driven analytic applications
  • Improved flexibility and operations for Hadoop deployments
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