Billing Solution

There is hardly an organization that does not strive to present accurate invoices and information to their customers. But making such information available on time is a challenge, especially for those businesses that depend on manual efforts and legacy systems. MFX can change this through its billing solutions. When insurance businesses offer timely services, it helps build credibility. Our billing software solutions bring costs down and drastically reduce human dependency that go into such efforts.

End-to-End Insurance Billing Solutions

We bring you integrated property/casualty billing systems that support multiple lines of businesses and bill types. The flexible functionality of the solution allows insurance businesses to add lines of businesses with the ability to quickly configure the solution to newer requirements. Our plug-and-play solutions can be quickly deployed, demanding literally no down-time at all. Also, maintaining infrastructure and servers can mean increased investment and maintenance costs. For this reason, MFX offers its cloud-based hosting services and datacenters as an option.

Bringing in the Always-On Mentality

Insurance industry is all about good service today. Most of your competitors have already bid ‘so long’ to 9 to 5 availability. But making resources available to stay competitive is not always economically viable. Let our insurance billing and payment transformation solution fill the gap. Enable your customers to get information on their own, anytime, anywhere. Your customers deserve instantaneous information, especially info like claim status. Just imagine what a billing solution like that can do to your brand. We bring you a solution that covers these and more.

The Primary Benefits

Here are a few reasons that should help you arrive at the right decision:

  • Elimination of errors resulting from manual intervention
  • Improvement in cash flow
  • Creation of new billing options, products, and programs in less time
  • Configuring the systems through rule sets to suit your business needs
  • Enhancing your brand name through quick and accurate services

Our solution makes billing a part of your brand and growth strategy, while bringing the costs down.

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