Claims Processing

Insurance claims processing management is perhaps the most critical function for any insurance business. While improper claim adjudication can result in erosion of company profits, inadvertent errors can cause dissatisfaction and loss of customer loyalty. Plus the entire process is cumbersome and repetitive, demanding huge resources, time, and money. MFX, through its insurance claims processing management systems, can automate the whole process, giving a competitive edge to insurance businesses.

A Highly Effective Solution

The claim processing system that we bring you is not a mere technological tool. The solution has been designed in collaboration with highly experienced claims professionals. The result – a solution that mimics real-world claims workflow and covers a whole range of business lines, including worker’s comp claims.

We bring you a plug-and-play solution that can be rapidly deployed and put into action. The claims processing software is highly flexible and can be effortlessly customized to operational needs. The intuitive user interface is a pleasure to interact with. Modern businesses are wary of hosting huge servers and hardware. Recognizing this need, MFX offers cloud-based hosting assigning dedicated data centers to insurance businesses, while taking security and confidentiality into consideration. On top of all these features, we present 24/7/365 support, so that business operations are never affected.

We Make Your Operations Smoother

Automation and adaptability bring agility to businesses and bring costs down. When processes speed up with reduced human dependency on operations, the same workforce can concentrate more on product innovation and marketing. MFX enables insurance businesses achieve that. Our insurance claims processing management solution empowers organizations through features such as:

  • Data capture and TPA integration
  • Activity tracking and updates
  • Financial reporting
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Office products
  • Paperless data storage

At MFX, our ultimate aim is to provide you world-class IT services while you solely focus on your business.

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