Reinsurance Solution

Managing ceded, assumed, and retroceded transactions is no cakewalk, especially for property and casualty insurers. The human error element can creep up at any stage when resources process heaps of spreadsheets. Such errors can prove quite expensive when recoverables are missed and the company is exposed to unintended risks. Scouting out the details is always an operational challenge when they are not apparent. A streamlined process that demands almost no human intervention could be the solution that works best in a scenario like this.

MFX Reinsurance System Solutions

MFX presents automated reinsurance solutions that are reliable and flexible. The solution negates the need to move from one system to another to look for information. Claims and exposures are never overlooked when you rely on our reinsurance software. Regulatory compliance is another area that insurance companies can stop worrying about when they choose us. We bring automation, easy tracking, and archiving to facilitate compliance.

MFX brings its customers the option of moving to a cloud-based environment. This move can bring down costs and enable organizations to utilize their IT resources more efficiently. Our datacenters are secure and make instant scalability an effortless initiative.

In a nutshell, here’s what insurance companies stand to gain:

  • A one-stop information system for ceded, assumed, and retroceded business information
  • Multilevel reinsurance accounting capability at contract, intermediary, participant, policy, and claim levels
  • Effective gauging and reporting at any given point
  • Flexibility to opt for additional reinsurance business analysis services

The reinsurance software can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems, cost effectively. Here are a few driving factors:

  • Accurate gauging of profit potential
  • Shorter time to market
  • Suitable resource allocation to profitable ventures
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Inexpensive maintenance
  • Quick scalability
  • Short implementation phase
  • Compatibility with existing business systems
  • Seamless information access across systems

MFX reinsurance management solutions bring down the scope for errors and infuse efficiency in your business systems.

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